Glamping Pods reasonably priced and constructed to the highest standards  in Wales – how can this be?

glamping pod walesOdd Pods have been nominated out of 500 exhibitors for the Best Quality of Build award at the NEC event for farming Diversification. We believe in quality and a product that will last. We are specialists in timber and steel frame construction, so we know what we are doing. This expertise has been used in the construction of super high strength, galvanised steel and Glulam framed pods and shepherd huts. Each of which has been designed and built by us at our workshop in West Wales.

Key Standard Features of our Glamping Pods:

  • Stylish bathroom
  • Fitted kitchen
  • 120mm insulation for year-round occupancy
  • Larger living space than most other pods on the market
  • Large, 2m covered deck space – sit outside, whatever the weather
  • Mould-resistant canopy
  • Towel radiator in the bathroom
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully plumbed and wired ready to connect to external input/outputs.

hilside podsWe design and manufacture the pods ourselves, we are able to keep costs down without scrimping on build quality. In fact, our pods are stronger than many of our competitors because of the galvanised steel chassis and Glulam frame, offering you extra durability and an extended life span.

What is Glulam?

Versatile engineering wood product that delivers strength, beauty, and reliability.

Glued laminated timber, or glulam, is a highly innovative construction material. Pound for pound, glulam is stronger than steel and has greater strength and stiffness than comparably sized dimensional lumber.


Pods that are Built to last
Unlike many other camping pods, the backbone to ours is a treated CE Certifiedl steel chassis with a Glulam frame.

delivery podWhen you order your Odd Pod, we will arrange a convenient delivery anywhere in the UK.

The cost of delivery depends on the number of Odd Pod Glampers you require, the campsite access and transportation distance. Please give us a call for an estimate.