Manufacturers of Premium Pods

Manufacturers of Premium Pods

from £7,995

Time To Be Inspired This 2024.

ODDPODSBROCHUREBespoke wooden camping Pod manufacturer in Wales

Everyone knows that conventional is boring, which is why we developed something just a little bit different. In a world where convention is mostly the norm, we wanted to create something truly unique. Something truly special!

Odd Pods is a division of Total Construction Services who are structural steel fabricators and manufacturers of timber frame dwellings. Know that your pod will be made to the highest industry standards.


Towy Pod

2 Person


Cennen Pod

Sleeps 4


Superior Pod

Spacious Luxury


Gelli Pod

Side Access


Vestibulum Auctor

Odd Pods Luxury Glamping pods, Office Pod Glamping Pod Manufacturer Wales

Flexible Finance for glamping pods in WalesOdd Pods are an Award-winning Luxury Glamping pod manufacturer for 13 years from
Llandeilo Wales with UK delivery Directly from our workshop in the Towy Valley in Carmarthenshire, we design and build our luxury glamping pods, office pods and shepherd huts to suit your own personal requirements to a standard that will last.

Whether it's an extra cosy, secluded glamping room for guests? Maybe it's a garden 'eco-friendly' office or retreat if needed? The options are endless. We can fit out and furnish your new pod to your personal specifications. You can choose from many additional options on our list while keeping the cost to a minimum.
What's different about our Pods?

Long Lasting Luxury Glamping Pod Manufacturer In West Wales

Our odd pods can be built to suit your personal specifications, with over 36 designs to suit choose from with a variety of any shapes, any width, and lengths. All our glamping pods are designed by a RIBA architect that structurally calculates the design and manufacture of each pod. Using a galvanised steel frame chassis and a glulaminate frame structure we ensure that our pods will have an exceptional life span.

Odd Pods Wales is a Glamping pod manufacturer in Wales

Top Reasons to buy a bespoke glamping pod from Odd Pods Wales:

  • Superior quality for a super comfortable experience
  • Fully insulated for year-round occupancy
  • Quick and easy for us to install with minimal disruption at your site
  • Low maintenance
  • Finance option available – spread the cost of your investment over monthly repayments.
  • Customisations available on request

We are an accredited and established bespoke Glamping pod manufacturer based in Wales.

Odd Pods can build glamping pods starting from a 2 birth pod to anything even larger than a static caravan, depending on the setting choice you have planned for your new pod. Each pod built is bespoke and designed to suit the individual customers and their budget to mind.

Odd pod Wales Glamping design drawings

Odd Pods Wales designs, builds and installs luxury camping pods in Wales and the UK

Thanks to our sister company, Total Construction Services Ltd, a structural steel fabricator and erector and a timber frame dwelling manufacturer capable of designing and building whatever you can conceive. When you buy a quality pod from Odd Pods, you can rest assured that the quality glamping pod construction will give you both longevity and a valid return on your investment. All our pods have a complete set of structural calculations

Choose the correct Glamping Pods for Your Business

If you’re in the glamping, camping, holiday, fishing lake, equestrian, restaurant, or tourism business – our luxury pods will make you stand out from the crowd and provide a valuable, long-lasting source of income. We can also modify the pods to become suitable office pods to act as an extra office, treatmnent room or simlar 

Choose a Glamping Pod for Office space or relaxation for Your Home

If you’d like to create some stylish indoor space in your garden for a home office, studio, extra bedroom or just for somewhere to relax – our luxury pods will provide a great-looking and comfortable space for you to enjoy. Contact Odd Pods today!

I've seen the pods being assembled and the construction method is really impressive strength is unbelievable also the living space inside could easily park a car in them with plenty of space left best I've seen , no expense spared on the build 5 star quality all round !!! , Rolls Royce of the pod market!

Mike Tynan

Odd Pods are of a high standard and quality of work, the detail and professionalism is a class above the rest. If I had the land and the space to have a cabin/shepherds hut or any other sort of steel/timber frame structure then Odd Pods will be the first place I will be going to. Highly recommended and trustworthy.

Ceri Morgan

I have seen the quality of construction step by step and can honestly say that i would definitely buy one. I just need a plot of land now.

Justin Harold

Went to see the pods during construction, very impressed with the very strong steel frame and the quality of the finished product. Will be a brilliant addition to our fishing complex at white springs fishery.

Jarod Hill

There's pods are amazing so comfortable and suitable for all occasions week holiday or mini brake away ect amazing!

Kiera Davies


Business Customers

Camping cabin (glamping sites), Fishing hut, Therapy Room, Business Annex, Office

Personal/Private Customers

Garden room, Hobby hut, Pool Room, Games Room, Hot Tub Room, Garden Retreat




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